Need home healthcare?

VIP Home Healthcare of Cuenca is Cuenca’s premier home healthcare provider.
Here’s how it works: Our trained professional nurses and caregivers speak English and work closely with your doctor to provide care that continues uninterrupted from hospital to doctor to home. Many of our clients integrate care from alternative healthcare providers into their care as well. Whatever the combination of physical therapy, medication, diet, or basic homecare—our Clinical Supervisor will work with you and your Medical Providers to customize a single, all-inclusive plan that checks all the boxes. Your Caregiver or Nurse will use that plan as a road map to give you the best care possible right in your own home.

Our clients deal with a wide range of conditions from minor health issues and after surgery recovery, clear through to those who are dealing with dementia, cancer, serious heart conditions and hospice care. So, whether you need a few hours of in-home care each week, a doctor facilitator, or long-term 24-hour care, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to talk and see where we can be of assistance.

• VIP caregivers and nurses speak English, but can work with your providers in Spanish.
• As Cuenca’s Premier Home Healthcare Provider, we have the “horsepower” to provide a level of
in-home care that will maximize health and minimize discomfort.
• Our Registered Nurses and trained caregivers combine a high degree of training, skill,
compassion, and integrity. At VIP, client confidentiality is an absolute priority.

Check us out at our website and when the need arises, reach out to us. We look forward to meeting you!

Benigno Malo 12-41 y Gaspar Sangurima

VIP Home Healthcare of Cuenca
Phone: 098 329 8243
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