Native Partner Program (ESL volunteers needed)

Native Partner Program: Cañar Language Connection welcomes native English speakers to participate in our Native Partner Program. The Native Partner Program is a volunteer program designed to provide English language practice and a two-way cultural exchange. Classes of students enjoy exercising their speaking and listening skills and learning more about American culture as they interact with native English speakers.

The primary purpose of the program is for CLC students to gain practice in English with a native English-speaking volunteer. Often the volunteer partners are interested in learning the MLC student’s native language. This is perfectly fine and volunteers have ample opportunities to engage in an exchange of practicing English and helping the volunteer learn his or her native language. Current level of English to the target school is beginning. Volunteers will help with basic pronunciation of vocabulary and verb conjugation. Volunteers with work towards more complex English grammar like simple sentences. Support and training will be available. This a partnership with local schools so the curriculum is provided by the Ministerio de Educacion. Students are hopeful to practice their language and begin to develop an ear for American English.

We will match volunteers with volunteer hours, and provide the volunteer with transportation from Cuenca to the school. Children are welcome to interact with other children while parents are volunteering. Retirees of all ages are encouraged to make a difference in this community program.
If you are native English speaker and interested in volunteering as a partner, please email:

Antuco Araujo Fores: or call 098 753 0482

City: Cuenca
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