Museum Remigio Crespo – Wednesdays Cuenca’s Museums

Museo Remigio Crespo Toral

Hope you can join us on our Wednesday Museums of Cuenca.

Come explore, discover and learn with us about one of Cuenca’s and Ecuador’s great poets/writers. He was still studying law when he was elected deputy of the National Convention (1883). President of Congress in 1888, he later held various diplomatic posts in America and Europe.

Let’s walk thru his home and learn about this great Cuencano…

* His personality and prestige earned him to be crowned as a national poet in 1917. “Fiesta de la Lira.” But he was not only a poet situated in the transition from a decadent romanticism to a stammering and timid modernism, but also an excellent prose writer, with careful language (he was a corresponding member of the Spanish Academy de la Lengua since 1889), and an acute literary and art critic. He wrote about Simón Bolívar, about the boundary question with Peru, about Dante; in 1901 he prefaced one of the volumes of the novelist Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno, for whom he finds immediate antecedents in Juan Valera. His deep lyricism, halfway between romanticism and modernism and attached to Christian sentiment, often turns his poetry into prayer. In his writings he dealt with historical and literary criticism, national and international politics, sociology, academic and parliamentary oratory, lyrical prose, short stories and poetry.

Wednesday June 9th 10 AM to noon aprox.

All bio safety protocols followed.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.

Reservations: Info:
WhatsApp# 099 524 6166

Cuenca, Ecuador

Martin Avila

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