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Last post we were able to conclude that the human body was designed to run. And we’ve considered abundant evidence for the health benefits of exercising. This week we’ll look at two things we’ll want to make sure to do when just starting to exercise.

Aside from the undeniable evidence that exercise is vital for our body and health, and that we were made to move and move fast, there is something else that exercise can give us. What’s that? Fun! Now, all of us appreciate taking time away from work or other necessary chores to enjoy entertainment and relaxation. The idea is to have fun, rejuvenate ourselves, and take a breather. But if we choose some sort of exercise or movement for those breaks, not only can we have loads of fun, but we can reap all the benefits that exercise has to offer at the same time. I don’t know about you, but I love to kill two birds with one stone.

So, take a moment to reflect and meditate on the benefits of movement and exercise for your body and your mind. And then decide whether you’re going to exercise or not. Are you suffering from one of the infirmities or diseases that I mentioned early on? Is one or some of them in your family history? Are you worried and concerned that you’ll end up with one of these diseases?

Then you know the cure. Start moving and exercising. It probably won’t cost much, if anything. All you need to do is make the decision and then follow through. If you do decide to take the plunge, then your next job is to choose what kind of exercise you’re going to do.

But what if you’re convinced of the benefits of increasing physical activity and exercising, but are afraid of getting hurt?

You’ll want to start slowly. For example, walking is generally safe for most people, and has many health benefits. Why not start with that?

Whatever type of exercise you choose, it’s vital to start slowly and then gradually increase your level of activity. If you haven’t exercised in some time, go see your doctor and get a check-up. Make sure that he’s aware of what you plan to do and get his okay. You should definitely see a doctor if you have any kind of serious chronic health condition like heart disease, diabetes or arthritis. Even if you actually have one of these “limiting factors”, I’m sure your doctor would be delighted to help you put an exercise plan in place and work with you. Why? Because he’ll want to help you improve your health. That’s what his job is.

Just remember, the health benefits of exercise far outweigh any risk of getting hurt.

** This week we acknowledged 2 must do’s when first starting to exercise if we’ve been sedentary: 1. Start slow 2. See your doctor and involve him/her in your exercise plan. Next week we’ll look at the collective costs of inactivity. **

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