Monica Gonzaga, facilitator

Need to get the vaccine? Here I provide the link so you can register to receive the Covid vaccine.

We would be happy to assist with the scheduling and even going with you to receive it, please contact me.

Monica Gonzaga Facilitator services visas to Ecuador and other countries.

My professional pricing for visas has maintain the same since 2015. What have risen are Government fees, notaries, translations, etc., but I have always offered a complete package with all Government fees included in a single fee.

Monica Gonzaga Facilitator services has 7+ years’ experience working with the Expat Community.

Nowadays we experience constant changes in the migratory law, so if the ministry people make it hard on the issuance of your residency visa, or if you have a hard case, feel free and confident to contact me. So that together we come up with the best solution.

I can take care of your residency visa while you are at home resting and forget about Ecuador´s bureaucracy.

Also, I can do assist with your cedula process, driver license, car registration, migratory movements, Ecuadorian criminal background checks, or any other issue.

If you do not have your FBI or State police record documents, I can help you to obtain them. Now, with the pandemic, everything is more difficult, so I recommend that those who want to come to Ecuador try to bring all the necessary documents with accurate apostilles in hand, no older than 6 months to avoid problems.

If you entered the country as a tourist, with these changes in Migratory Law, my advice is that you take care of your tourist visa extension ASAP. It must be done before the 90th day prior to the expiration of the T-3 visa to avoid problems.

I am almost every day in the Ministry of Human Mobility, which makes be up-to-date on the new laws and changes.

Trust my experience, and don’t only go by my word, but by all the vast amount of recommendations that I have achieved from all of my happy customers.

If you come to Ecuador with your necessary documents to apply for a residency, Monica Gonzaga guarantees you 100% efficiency throughout the temporary or permanent visa process, as well as citizenship.

Consultations and help are always free. Just contact me at your earliest convenience and save yourself a from a headache and waste of money.

Here are the services we provide, 100% guarantee:

*Temporary residency visas for any category (pensioner, investor, professional, work, student etc. Hard case? Just bring it on, I can solve it.
*Permanent residency (after two-year temp residency we can file your application when you are on your 21st month) to my clients 10% discount this month.
*Visas to Spain, Portugal or any other country.
*Ecuadorian Background police check (easy and fast)
*Cédula acquisition and changes
*CD renovations
*Visa transfer
*Passport renovations USA and other countries.
*Driver licenses
*Car register (Matricula)
*Power of attorney (POA)
* Sworn statement End of life Plan
*Last will, translation notarization

If you need the services of a bilingual lawyer, now Monica Gonzaga Facilitator has incorporated a lawyer into her work team who will be able to solve your legal problems.

Benedicto XV 1-53

Monica Gonzaga
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