Lots of CPAP machines, headgear and a SoClean CPAP sanitizer, some new

I have a lot of CPAP equipment in this listing. Items are sold separately below. Transcend Portable Auto CPAP Machine – $250 Includes: CPAP, Humidifier (New), Hose (New), Case Experience sleep apnea relief on the go with the travel-sized Transcend Auto Portable CPAP machine with EZEX Pressure Relief. Weighing less than 1 pound, this portable CPAP machine is extremely travel-friendly. Even though it is small in size, it has powerful features, such as the EZEX exhalation pressure relief for a more comfortable and natural breathing pattern. This CPAP equipment also features automatic adjustments and a ramp feature. Key Features EZEX pressure relief during exhalation to replicate normal breathing pattern Auto adjusts pressure levels breath-by-breath Small size for maximum portability Weighs less than 1 pound Collects therapy data through easy-to-use software Ramp feature to gently increase pressure levels over time Automatic altitude adjustment for varying altitudes Includes universal battery outlets for international travel Includes new, never used in box heated or waterless humidifier. Quiet – 29 DBA level.

Zzz-Pap Silent Traveler CPAP Machine – $200 Includes CPAP, Humidifier, Case, & hoses The ProBasics Zzz-PAP is the size of a small, square loaf of bread. It is one of the lightest and quietest CPAPs on the market. Best of all, it is built to last and backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can plan on this little guy lasting as long as any other CPAP on the market. The Zzz-PAP is certainly easy to pack for travel, but most CPAPs stay on very small, crowded tables where size is also important. The Zzz-PAP takes up as much space as a CD case. Including the integrated heated humidifier, it has a footprint just a bit longer than half of a sheet of copy paper.

SleepWeaver Elan Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask – $50 NEW This is brand new. Comes with the mask, hose and 2 extra head straps Product Description – The Elan cloth mask is an unconventional nasal CPAP mask that features a soft, skin friendly cloth cushion rather than the silicone cushions offered by most CPAP masks. Silicone does offer a more flexible feel but not as much as cloth. The cloth cushions adapt to any facial features which makes the Elan an easy mask for users to use. Comfort is everything when it comes to using CPAP. The CPAP mask is the most important part of that comfort. So if you’re going to sleep with something on your face all night, every night, shouldn’t it be more like a material you would wear on the rest of your body? The SleepWeaver Elan boasts a skin friendly material reducing the potential of skin irritation! They have designed a swivel tube connection to allow for more freedom of movement. This really makes a big difference for side sleepers. You couple that with their Featherweight tubing and it makes a perfect combination. The lightweight tubing acts like a spring which connects to your standard tubing and helps keep the mask in place and not pulling away from your face while your sleeping. Gain more freedom as you sleep by adding the lightweight tubing to your order now!

SleepWeaver Advance Nasal Cloth CPAP Mask With Improved Seal – $40 – New in box Product Description The SleepWeaver Advance offers you a skin-friendly nasal CPAP mask, which is perfect if you feel the standard hard plastic is uncomfortable or if you are allergic to silicone. The SleepWeaver cloth CPAP mask produces the softest, lightest, and most natural mask on the market while providing you with an innovative and comfortable design. Special Features & Benefits Easy Sizing – Reduce time searching for the best fit with a true “one size fits most” cloth nasal mask design. Straying away from the typical CPAP mask with headgear, the SleepWeaver Advance comes in one convenient cushion and headgear size due to the “ballooning” nature of the mask cushion. Breathable – The cloth design draws moisture away from your skin, keeping the area between your mask and skin dry throughout the night. Cushion of Air – Unique cloth cushions provide a sensitive, skin-friendly alternative for anyone with a silicone or polyurethane gel allergy. Air pressure moves through your tube and into the cloth cushion causing a “ballooning” effect to contour to your exact facial structure. Maintain a comfortable seal to provide sleep apnea therapy with the exclusive fit of this cushion. No Pressure Points- The elastic, adjustable strap allows 4″ of sizing on each side and the top, allowing it to fit larger and smaller heads. You will always find the best fitting headgear with the Velcro straps that can easily be adjusted to your desired level of comfort. No Rigid Frame – Unlike many CPAP masks on the market, Circadiance removes the use of a frame to hold your cushion, which reduces the potential for skin irritation. This freedom of movement allows you to roll over or lay in your most comfortable sleeping style without disrupting the position of your SleepWeaver. Soft and Strong Headgear – Achieve a reliable hold with the easy-peel tabs designed with Velcro ends just for the SleepWeaver. Easily attach or detach your headgear without struggling to find the perfect fit every night! You’ll find the soft cloth CPAP mask is easy to adjust

SoClean CPAP Sanitizer/Cleaner – $180 The SoClean makes cleaning your CPAP equipment a breeze. An automated CPAP cleaner, the SoClean channels activated oxygen to clean and sanitize. Featuring no water or chemicals, and zero disassembly, the SoClean is the go-to, time-saving CPAP cleaner and sanitizer. Using a CPAP machine should be simple and straightforward, and so should cleaning one. Thankfully, the SoClean takes all the confusion out of the CPAP cleaning equation. The SoClean ditches the hassle of extra water or chemicals, and patients don’t even need to disassemble their CPAP equipment. But the best part is patients don’t have to fret about compatibility, as the interior chamber accommodates a wide array of mask types and connects to most brands of CPAP equipment (an adapter may be required or recommended for a handful of select models [see note below]). The SoClean is also compatible with most of the various iterations sleep apnea therapy, including CPAP, BiPAP and AutoPAP machines. The SoClean harnesses the same technology used in hospitals to wipe out any CPAP bacteria, germs, and other pathogens. Thanks to SoClean, you can rest assured that your CPAP therapy is keeping you breathing clean, fresh air – all through the night. How Does The SoClean2 Work? Cleaning your CPAP doesn’t have to be complicated. After a simple one-time setup, just place your mask inside the chamber, close the lid and SoClean does the rest. It’s the world’s first automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer. No disassembly. No water. No chemicals. Just simple, automated cleaning.


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