Looking for the pastrami and corned beef sandwich for real?

At Pig & Cow we are dedicated and make you feel at home, traveling to those moments that made you very happy and surely our smoked pastrami sandwich or our corned beef can
make it possible, try our rye bread, Dijon mustard, sour pickles and our option to add Sauerkraut.
All our ingredients are handmade, made by us and our special collaborators.
It is the moment of the best Sandwich, come to Pig & Cow!
Ask any questions or call us on our phone number.
You can also order at home or arrive at our pleasant location where we have outdoor tables.
We are located on Juan Iñiguez Avenue between Moreno Mora and 10 de Agosto, diagonal to Edif Genova.

April 29th at 9:30 AM to May 2nd at 9:30 PM, av Juan Iñiguez between Moreno Mora and 10 de Agosto, in front of Edif Genova

Cesar Quintero Mucarcel: 096 297 2352

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