Looking for native Ecuadorian personal assistant

I’m looking for a personal assistant who can help me in Ecuador remotely.
1- I do not speak Spanish much.
2- Do not know Ecuador and I need someone to assist me there.
3- Need a trustworthy person to help me arrange business project.

I’m looking to buy or build a retreat center in Ecuador that is going to Provide Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies.

I’m looking for:

1- Research of real estate for sale / rent (Retreat centers or land)
2- Negotiation
3- Finding attorneys, realtors, builders etc///
4- Translation
5- Management of construction process if necessary
6- Dealing with workers, helpers realtors. etc…

Please reply if interested with:

1- your desired salary per week/month
2- how many hours per week you are available
3- your background/ education/ skills
4- what else you can offer
5- why you better than other applicants

Paul: hypnopavel@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca
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