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I am Luis Gomez and I have experience as an Ecuador tour guide; 3 regions, included Galapagos Islands. I speak German too. I Know many countries in Sudamerica, because I went there like a tour leader with German groups.

Guiding 27 years in Ecuador and Its nature and culture, I am a biology bachelor and love nature specially birds, orchids. and mountain or forest treks and walks. I come to you anywhere in Ecuador. Family or groups. At the moment I live in Mindo Cloud Forest (Biohostel). My email: luisgomezguiaecuador@gmail,com +593 99 535 8350

Luis Alfredo: luisgomezguiaecuador@gmail.com +593 99 535 8350. Call after: 5 PM.

City: Quito (capital)
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