Little Bull Bistro specials

We will open this Saturday as everything starts to return to normal. We hope everyone has stayed safe during the protests. Our special will be beef or chicken fajita style tacos served with fresh pico de gallo, beans and our southwest rice. We also have our chimi’s in either apple or chocolate! Yum. If you haven’t tried them, you haven’t lived. The apple chimi’s are made with our homemade apple pie filling, rolled in a flour tortilla and fried to perfection, served with hand churned homemade vanilla ice cream. The chocolate chimi’s are made with chocolate ganache and caramelled walnuts also rolled in a flour tortilla and fried, served with our hand churned homemade vanilla ice cream. We hope to see you soon at Little Bull Bistro- Sara and Douglas Campoverde

Monday-Friday 8 AM to 4 PM and Saturdays and Sundays 9 AM-3 PM, Little Bull Bistro Solano 516 y Remigio Crespo just around the corner from the florist shop

Sara Campoverde: Claro (096 791 9920) Claro (098 532 3853)

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