Learn or improve your Spanish skills with Diego

Hi, My name is Diego. Maybe some of you know me as Diego the bartender, waiter, or just a good friend with whom to talk. Either way, this time I´m not offering pints of beer or great Diegoritas, ”Margaritas.” This time I want to offer you guys the chance to learn or improve your Spanish skills.

As you might know, my native language is Spanish, and in addition to being a bartender, I have been teaching Latinoamerican Spanish, with about 4 years of experience, to different people all around the world through online or face-to-face classes; North American people being my main students.

Through this resource I would be happy to help you improve your fluency in such an important language. We can discuss about any topic that you consider relevant, such as music, politics, culture, sports, among many others that would be useful as practice to improve your learning.

In the process, I could help you as your tutor so that we can correct all the important aspects that we need to work on.

Your first hour Trial Lesson is totally free.
Online or Face-to-face classes at your home. You decide.

Remember that the more you practice the more successful you will be.

Contact me by:
WhatsApp: +593 96 320 1808

Skype: live: jose.diegorc14.

Cuenca. Ecuador

Jose Romero
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