La Cuadra area new police office

Yesterday morning while walking my dog, I saw an Ecuadorian friend of mine inside the mostly vacant building, which is in the small corner park above Common Grounds Restaurant and at the intersection of Jose Austudillo and Eduardo Crespo Malo. The small building is directly across the street from Edificio’s La Cuadra and Alameda. I stopped to speak with Jose as he and another man were painting the inside of this building. I had heard rumors that it was going to be a police office of some sort for several months now and have noticed a few workers repairing plumbing and walls and curious police officers peeking in the building’s windows every once in a while. So I assumed it would be happening some day…

My friend, Jose Pacheco, told me that the men from the Barrio were working on the building when they had spare time and donated materials to make the repairs necessary to accommodate the Officers. My hats off to all who are making this happen. Also during our conversation, Jose said that the men of the Barrio were asking for donations from people who live in this Barrio so they could also buy a couple of beds, a desk and chairs and other furnishings for the Officers.

So, the reason for this post is to let the English-speaking residents know of our good fortune and that they should not be surprised to hear Ecuadorians from our area soliciting for a $5 donation to help furnish the new police station. Jose, who speaks great English has allowed me to post his phone number if any residents who do not speak good Spanish, like me can get in touch with him if they would like to make a donation. Jose also lives at the S/E corner of Parque Molinaro which is also the location of the last Tran Via stop on Mariscal Lamar then onto Las Americas. Jose also sells a hamburger lunch at his home if you have ever seen that going on.

I applaud the locals within our Barrio for their understanding what this police station here means for everyone’s safety. So, if you would like to contact Jose and make a donation, his number is 096 846 3648. He has a receipt book to give you a copy of your donation. I already know of at least one resident from our Building, El Rocio who has made a donation thus far.

The Ecuadorians have already stepped up to help our barrio a little safer, maybe we can all help support their noble efforts and make a small donation. If you’d like to email me about this and more information feel free to.

Rick Crook

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