Julian’s surgery could happen next week.

$500 will fully fund Julian’s surgery so let’s make this happen.

What we need to cross the finish line:

5 of you to donate $100 or…
2 of you to donate $250 or…
1 of you to donate $500 but…
We appreciate every donation…your generosity is amazing!

To donate in Cuenca:

Contact Smith (Jeffrey Schmidt) at smith@jlsdesigns.net, Des and Bill at desmion.dizney@gmail.com, or Jane at jminer83@hotmail.com

To give from the US please donate on the gofundme page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/julian039s-plight

– Or –

You can still purchase a dozen roses for $10 from Trebol Roses. There are only 15 dozen left. One hundred percent of your purchase will be donated to Julian’s expenses. Your roses will be available for pick up at Trebol’s office located at Otorongo Plaza. You can pay when you pick them up. To place your order, please contact Karla Sanchez at 096 904 1385.

Julian needs this surgery next week. The public hospital and IESS are not options because they don’t have access to the specialized hardware required.

You have truly saved a family. Thank you.

Des Dizney

City: Cuenca

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