Instrumentalists of the Cuenca and Loja Symphony Orchestras

Instrumentalists of the Cuenca and Loja Symphony Orchestras will provide training and updating of knowledge to teachers of arts colleges

With the endorsement of the Ministries of Education with its department National Directorate of Baccalaureate and Culture and Heritage with its Directorate for Strengthening Cultural Capacities, the symphony orchestras of Cuenca and Loja, with the purpose of strengthening the knowledge of the teachers of the Colleges of Art at the national level, will provide an interesting training consisting of 16 modules. The scheduled execution date is from Monday, June 29 to Friday, July 10, 2020, under the virtual modality in 80% and 20% will be the component corresponding to self-employment by the participating teacher, who will be part of the quantitative evaluation. The duration of the training course is 30 hours and it will be carried out through the Google Meet platform.

Instructors from arts colleges will be trained in the performance of instruments in order to establish the importance of time, sound, style and tuning in performance, provide ideas to develop musical skills correctly, create ideal conditions to reflect on the teaching of music and thus assess the criteria that make it possible to articulate the contents, methods and activities in daily teaching practice since, as music teachers, updating is necessary and permanent, being up-to-date on the techniques of mastering the instrument, using a pedagogy according to the needs and demands of today’s world, as well as having qualified tools and strategies. For all this we contemplate the possibility of supporting art education teachers of music with training in various techniques for musical performance.

The instructors are prominent members of the Cuenca and Loja symphony orchestras, who have decided to offer their contribution to deliver this virtual training and contribute to the Ecuadorian tax teachers with their professional experience. At the end of the modules, the symphony orchestras will present the course execution report and a list of the participating teachers.

Likewise, the issuance of the course approval certificate by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra, the Loja Symphony Orchestra and the Ministry of Education is planned, so that it is part of the portfolio of the teacher of arts and allow you to be recognized in the process of recategorization and promotion.

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