Incorrect vaccine information

The photo shows that if you received your first dose at Coliseo Jefferson Perez, the second dose it shows you should go to Coliseo Campus Bicentenario Universidad del Azuay.*

We went there this morning 45 minutes before our scheduled appointment. We were told this was the wrong place and were redirected to the Universidad Politecnica. When we arrived there, the line was long, but when we reached the check-in desk, we were told this was the wrong place once more. Explaining we were directed here from the other university, they insisted we go to Coliseo Jefferson Perez.

After our third taxi ride arriving at Coliseo Jefferson Perez, the line wrapped all the way around the coliseo, but moved at a good pace. There was one person checking people’s vaccination forms and cedulas as we were in line. When he reached us, he pulled us out of line. The first vaccine was the Sinovac; there was a different line for Sinovac second doses.

The new line only included two other people. After a 15-minute wait, the three people were called in and directed to one particular desk.

All the others there were getting Pfizer vaccines.

*Note: Checking the website to see where my appointment was to be, there was no information beyond my first dose. My phone was stolen the day before around 11 AM, but up to that point, there were no text messages either. Although it cost us over $12 in needless taxi rides, I am grateful to have gotten my vaccine.

Ron Schmitz: .

City: Cuenca

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