How the vaccination process is progressing in Ecuador, by Bluebox

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The vaccination process in Ecuador has not been easy, due to the limitations in the negotiations of the current government with the big producers of vaccines against covid 19; a government that is in the last days of its term of office. One of the most significant proposals of the new president, Guillermo Lasso has been the promise to vaccinate 9 million Ecuadorians in the first 100 days of government; a feasible goal, if we consider the number of health centers nationwide, but what about the number of vaccines available in Ecuador? This number of vaccines is increasing since Lasso was appointed as the new president. Ecuador has received significant donations of vaccines from other countries, which is why Ecuador is in negotiations with Russia, Chile and China to purchase as soon as possible the necessary vaccines to vaccinate the entire Ecuadorian population. The vaccination process started in march and is active in its first stage, which has been extended more than expected.

If you reside in Ecuador and your immigration status is regularized but you have not been able to enroll in the vaccination process, please contact us and we will help you with the whole process without any additional cost. We have helped dozens of people to access the vaccination process, as the page is in Spanish and often can be a limitation for the foreign community in Ecuador.

Bluebox Asesores cares about you. We have a wide network of service providers that can help you solve any type of immigration problem. We help you channel your paperwork through our office.

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