Hormone replacement therapy – patches and pills

Ladies, I’ve ended my treatment and I have leftover estrogen patches and progesterone tablets. Happy to help you cut your costs. 

As of May 2021, I have 11 boxes of 4 patches/parches (exp 12/21), or 48 parches. Cost is about $12 per box, or $3 per patch. I’ll sell for $6 per box, $1.50 per patch or Best Offer. 

As of May 2021, I have 4 boxes of 20 (expiration is March 2021), or 80 pills. Cost is $10.40 a box or approx. $.50 per pill. I’ll sell for $5 a box, $.25 a pill or Best Offer. 

Hand-off near SuperMaxi El Vergel 

Heather: hgcnyc@gmail.com 099 577 7459.

City: Cuenca

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