Holiday special in dental cleaning

While the holidays are a time to relax, they are also a great time to catch up on things. So why not consider having a professional dental cleaning at Perimplant dental office for $30. Enjoy your holidays while also taking care of the most important person in your life: yourself.

Contact the Perimplant dental office to make an appointment. Our hours fit your schedule. After all, our practice is centered on your needs. Call us today.

We are located at : Avenida 10 de Agosto y Francisco Moscoso, Bldg “Torres de Yanuncay”, on the Francisco Moscoso side of the Bldg press “A1” 1st floor Suite # 5-30

Telef: 099 590 0289 / 098 413 2456

Perimplant: .

City: Cuenca

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