HM Coleccion Boutique Hostal

Good morning everyone, we are HM Coleccion. We are new here on GringoPost but not for long. Let me introduce you to this wonderful hostal:

HM Coleccion Boutique Hostal is new here in Cuenca. It is for every person that needs a fresh relaxing place to stay. We have 9 rooms with free wifi, cable TV and most importantly hot water 24/7, we also offer breakfast, tours, and offer parking spaces next door to us. There is 24-hour security and concierge daily in this hostal and cleanness is priority here as well as our guests being always well attended.

The owners are Expats, Jhon and Sharon from New Zealand and Australia, they have renovated this into an amazing place with North American standard private bathrooms and a 360-degree view rooftop terrace. Fun fact: This building in the late 1800s was a gateway into the city where the people had to pay a tax to pass by. We are still having our normal schedule, no changes have been made because of the strike, we are here every hour of the day.

Hermano Miguel 4-79, Cuenca

HM Coleccion: 07 282 7827

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