Hickory apple wood smoked pastrami, pulled pork, salmon and chicken

The pastrami is brined for 6 days to give it that amazing pastrami flavor. 10-11 hours of keeping the temperature stable at 250 degrees to create the tender pulled pork and pastrami sandwiches we all love.

The pork and the pastrami (brisket) are $15 a pound; fair I think in light of the 12-hour day needed to prepare this feast and the costly wood needed to smoke it. I can deliver sandwiches as well. The Salmon is $10.50 for 200 grams or $23 for a pound. The chicken is $10 a pound.

Delivery is not included and is usually $2-$3 for most locations.

$9 for a pulled pork or pastrami Reuben sandwich with homemade sauerkraut and Russian dressing. The pulled pork can be delivered with either Texas BBQ or South Carolina style Mustard based BBQ. Both sandwiches will include a side of mashed potatoes and Sauteed Greens and Cole Slaw. Sandwiches come with 4 oz. of meat and you can get as many extra ounces as you want for $1 an ounce.

You can also purchase pulled chicken sandwich with the same sides as the other sandwiches.
The salmon can also come as a meal for $10 including potatoes and greens and broccoli and carrots.

Call or WhatsApp or email to place your orders now.

June 4th, 5th and 6th, Cuenca

Bodhi Kroll: BodhiBurgers@gmail.com 096 900 7688
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