Hickory and apple wood smoked brisket (pastrami) and Boston butt pork

During our upcoming family home incarceration I have decided to do a Hickory / Apple Wood smoked meat session. 10-11 hours of keeping the temperature stable at 250 degrees to create the tender pulled pork and pastrami sandwiches I love!

You can put in an order by tomorrow for delivery on Monday the 3rd of April. The meat can be purchased at $15 a pound, fair I think in light of the 12 hour day needed to prepare this feast. I can deliver sandwiches as well.

$9 for a pulled pork or pastrami Reuben sandwich with homemade sauerkraut and Russian dressing. The pulled pork can be delivered with either Texas BBQ or South Carolina style Mustard based BBQ. Both sandwiches will include a side of mashed potatoes and Sauteed Greens. Sandwiches come with 4 oz of meat and you can get as many extra ounces as you want for $1 an ounce.

Orders must be in by Thursday at noon to receive on Monday the 3rd of May after the lockdown.

Monday May 3rd., Cuenca

Bodhi Kroll: 096 900 7688
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