Help with learning to use 2 computer programs

I need to download my son’s music videos from YouTube. Someone offered to guide me to do that about a year ago and I didn’t take the opportunity to work with him. This would be a paid service. I need to try again. I have a list of my son’s music uploads on YouTube that I would like to download to music on my computer. He passed away, and I want to be able to save his guitar uploads, from 3 years ago. Example: Meditation 6

The same person with digital expertise might also be able to guide me loading my jazz art photos on Instagram. The files are all on computer. I understand it is possible to load the photo files with air drop on my iPhone so they can be loaded onto Instagram from the computer files. The files are all in separate folders. There are many. These are all paintings and sketches that I have done in 1997 at a club. My Instagram is under my name. Email me for examples.

Suzanne Cerny: .

City: Cuenca
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