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Hello, and blessings to all. Today, myself and a group of touched hearts organized this GoFundMe with the intent to raise money for young Danna Paola and her family in Cuenca, Ecuador. Danna is an 18-month-old toddler with the rare disease West Syndrome, a debilitating pre-existing birth condition that causes severe seizures along with physical and mental debilitation’s that have stunted her development.

Currently, her father lacks the means to a stable job, while her mother not only finds herself raising young Danna, but her other two siblings as well, all the while dealing with her own physical debilitation that affects her vision. Danna requires weekly therapeutic sessions geared at assisting and improving her motor and speech functions, and has dietary restrictions that prevent her from eating in accordance to her age.

We ask that you help us raise this money as a means to assist this struggling family with little to no support, all in efforts to provide Danna with a slightly brighter future. All proceeds will be sent to the family, and information on West Syndrome and its direct effects to development will be attached. If you have any other means to assist this family, be it with information or letting other people know, it would be greatly appreciated…

Let’s not let Danna lose her smile. Thank you and may God continuously bless you.

Please share with your family and friends. You can donate here:

Andrea: .

City: Cuenca

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