Help the Municipality of Cuenca revive its tourism sector

Hogar de Esperanza coordinates closely with the Municipality of Cuenca. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have received donations of food from the city for distribution to those in dire need. We are grateful for their support and are excited to begin working more closely with them on multiple projects going forward.

As Cuenca continues to open up more and more in the coming months, the Municipality is looking forward to the revival of its beautiful city, including the tourism sector which has suffered greatly during the pandemic. They recently contacted us for our help in reaching out to the expat community with this endeavor by taking a simple (only 8 questions!) survey. Can you help us to help the leaders and planners of our dear city of Cuenca?

Please find the Google form survey link here:

All responses are received directly by the Municipality of Cuenca, which sends its gratitude to all expats and future visitors in advance for their support of this great city. Gracias!

Teresa Eklund: .

City: Cuenca
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