Help me help Naomi to fight leukemia

Hello everyone, I hope you are well, writes Nathaly Vivas. Some of you know me as Chef Nathaly.

Last year my Niece was diagnosed with leukemia and some of you helped me. That time was a very difficult time for our family as we did not know how difficult this situation was and for all that our baby only 2-years old would have to go through. Thanks to you and the help of our family Naomi started her treatment on time and now that it has been almost a year and our baby is 3-years old, we are asking for the help of anyone who can help us either with a collaboration or by sharing our campaign.

Naomi has fought this year day by day with this disease and doctors say that God and the Universe are helping us and her treatment is taking effect now we need to continue treatment but we really need the help of anyone who can collaborate

We have created a campaign to raise funds so that we can continue to fight with this disease. We trust in God and that all this will end one day, and that our baby will be cancer-free and ready to continue her life and continue to discover the world.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation and I know that the universe will reward you for it.

I attach some photos. The first few are from the first few days of treatment and the last few are from these last days.

Nathaly Vivas: 098 770 7372. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

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