Healthiest and sweetest organic stevia on the planet

Enjoy the sweet life while staying healthy.

Keeping our immune systems strong is very important now.

Did you know that your body considers sugar as a poison, rushing fluid to the site?
Dr Brian Clement, Phd., L.N., says that consuming sugar is the number one cause of cancer, and we know it is a leading cause of inflammation in the body, the underlying root of most diseases.

Consider replacing your sugar with our new 100% Organic Liquid Stevia Sweetener.
It is especially important for the elderly, pre-diabetic or diabetic persons.

Our Stevia is absolutely pure, made here in Ecuador, has a positively delicious taste — it is the best Stevia I have tasted on the planet, and I have tried all the major brands. Stevia is recommended for diabetics or anyone wishing to limit their sugar intake, or their caloric intake. Customers are saying this is the best Stevia they have ever tasted, with no aftertaste at all except pure deliciousness.
A customer told us the other day “It is the best stevia I have ever tasted”…. I am super sensitive to that bitter aftertaste, but this is just sweet!”

• 100% Organic
• Vegan, All-Natural, GMO-free, Gluten-free
• No pesticides, Artificial Preservatives or Chemicals of any kind
• Zero Calories
• Low-Carb or No-Carb diets, Keto-Compatible
• Suitable for Diabetics or anyone on a No or Low-Sugar Diet
• Derived from an herb, does not spike the glycemic index as other sweeteners do
• Made with “Splendor Water”, a very healthy ingredient
• Bitter free Sweetener with a smooth Sugar Taste

What makes our 100% Organic Stevia extract unique?
Our Liquid Stevia is a highly-concentrated direct extract. It is created form 100% organic Ecuadorian stevia leaves using our proprietary method, and not reconstituted from white powdered stevia extract (unlike most liquid stevia products on the market), leaving all the beneficial micronutrients intact.

Our stevia is made with the famous “Splendor Water”, a magical water from La Mana, Ecuador, which is itself is a health food because it comes from 150 meters under the earth through a closed system, and it has naturally occurring gold and silver in it…gold and silver have proven positive and healing effects on your body’s health. Splendor water has been tested in Germany and Switzerland as one of the most beneficial waters for humans on the planet; Masaru Emoto, the author of “Hidden Messages From Water” gave it very high marks.

The majority of Stevias are made using the inorganic solvents methane, hexane or ethyl acetate. In fact, stevia leaves are not bitter and, although more expensive to manufacture, quality aftertaste-free Stevia can be made via our natural, solvent-free process.
The result is an aromatic, highly-concentrated sweetener that retains the exquisite sweetness and vitality of the stevia plant but without the bitterness or aftertaste associated with other stevia products, in a convenient liquid form.

You can use our Stevia in home baking, low-carb baking, add it to your yogurt and smoothies or to sweeten your hot and cold drinks. I am never without a small dropper bottle in my purse for cappuccinos and drinks out. Don’t leave home without it!

Bonus free gift: First-Time Customers will receive a purse-sized dropper bottle as a free gift to use on the go!
We will take orders in the order they are received. In stock now:
Regular size 8 fl oz (240 ml)
Serving size: 6 drops (for extra sweet)
Servings per container: 800 Price $45.

Personal size: 2 fluid oz. only one left $15.

Email your order to
Indicate pick-up or delivery (delivery $2 with moto)
Include: number bottles needed, your name, phone and address if delivery is desired.

Thank you for your loyal patronage, You are going to love this product! It also makes a great gift item for your beloveds, parents, or anyone whose health you care about!

Mary T: .

City: Cuenca

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