Health and beauty service

Hello Everyone, my name is Brisney Pernía. I’m a doctor. This time I offer my services in health and aesthetics.

I am doing the following at home:

* Deep facial cleanses. Cost $12. (Gift mask and facial massage)
* Brow enhancement $4
* Application of mega doses of vitamin C, Includes: 7.5 grams vitamin C bottle, venoclysis equipment and application. ideal for strong immune system, disease prevention, and stay young. Value $20
* Weight control, in the best way to the rhythm of hormones. (Previous medical evaluation). Free online consultation.
* Reducing massage, duration 40 min each session, $18

We work with all hygiene standards.

See pictures.

Consult without obligation to the mail or WhatsApp any concern. I’m here to serve you.

Brisney: 096 142 5919. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

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