Health and beauty – Dra. Brisney Pernia

Hello Everyone, I wish you a beautiful day and a beautiful week. I offer you our quality services:

Health and beauty – Dra. Brisney Pernia.

– Deep Facial Cleansing $12.
– Facial Massage $15.
– Relaxing Massage $15. (1 hour)
– Reducing massage $15. (combo of 12 massages per month $144) (1 hour each massage)
– Manual lymphatic drainage $15.
– Decontracting massage $15.
– Nutritional plan $40. including weekly monitoring. Free consultation.
– Fat burners $70 (10 sessions)
– Products to boost and regulate the immune system.
– Application of megadoses of vitamins (C – B)
– Combo Facial Serum (Vitamin C – Hyaluronic Acid – Retinol) $15.
And more.

We work with prevention measures against COVID-19

Loja y Don Bosco

096 142 5919

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