Happy Dog presents its new line of dog food (Supreme Sensible)

M&E Pet Lovers (Mateo and Elizabeth, your beloved pet sitters) is pleased to present you the new line of German products to feed your dog.

The new line of Happy Dog is ideal for dogs that have sensitivity in their gastrointestinal system and skin. If you are looking for a food without beef and chicken, this is your best option.

1. Neuseeland: Complete food for all adult dogs from 11 kg with normal energy requirements. The extraordinarily tasty and extremely well-tolerated super premium complete food Happy Dog New Zealand contains 21% lamb and is supplemented with the meat of nutritious green-lipped New Zealand mussels. The special croquettes are ideal for all mid-size and large gourmets who are looking for something special or are simply rather picky. It is also particularly suitable for the careful feeding of sensitive dogs.

2. Ireland: Complete food for all adult dogs from 11kg with normal energy requirements. Happy Dog has a unique offering for any gourmet who is looking for something special, is very sensitive or just rather picky: the extraordinarily tasty super premium complete food Ireland, produced with delicate salmon and tasty rabbit. With its carefully-selected components (no lamb or poultry protein, no rice, soya or wheat), the particularly gentle production method and specially adapted protein and energy content, Happy Dog Ireland is also excellent for the careful feeding of sensitive dogs with their special needs.

2.8 kg and 12.5 kg.

Please, feel free to call or text us for more information. We have the entire line of Happy Dog ​​and Happy Cat products.

Quinoas y Pucacoha.

Elizabeth Gavilanes
099 848 1355
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