Handmade antique, one-of-a kind Persian carpets, all sizes for sale

One-of-a kind Persian carpets, all sizes–still many available. If you love Oriental carpets as I do, come see this absolutely stunning collection of fine oriental carpets being offered, right here in the Center of Cuenca. Add a beauty to your home!

In my younger years, I was raised in the Middle East, specifically Turkey. My Father was a pilot and officer/commander in the US Air Force. We were stationed in Istanbul during the Kennedy administration. As a result of this experience, I was able to travel to practically all of the surrounding countries, and gain a great deal of experience related to the people, their customs, and in particular their art. My interest in Oriental Carpets originated there, and continues to this day.

You will discover during your visit to my home and studio, some wonderful and unique examples, hand-made by some of the last true Bedouins in the world. The carpets I am offering, range (at the sale price, 50-70% of their retail value) in price from $395 to $2900, depending upon country of origin, size, and other significant factors which I would be happy to share with you during your visit.

Discounts can be arranged for more than one. Some carpets are pictured in an earlier ad…see that ad in GP. There are many more carpets than pictured. All carpets are in perfect condition, all authentic, hand-woven, and antique 1930-1960. Please send an email or phone message if you wish to visit, would like photos or sizes, and consider a purchase of these Beautiful carpets.

Mary T: spiritlifting@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca
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