Gran Feria Sabatino’s this Saturday, October, 5

Start the month off with a shopping experience at Gran Feria Sabatino’s. While most of the vendors feature food items–bacon, aged and soft cheeses, baked goods, dumplings, chocolates, blueberries–there are also vendors with natural cosmetics, jewelry, and Ecuadorian-themed t-shirts. Pick up some treats for yourself and some gifts for the holiday trip back.

Here’s the current list of vendors confirmed for the October Gran Feria Sabatino’s. New vendors are noted with an asterisk.

Arabic Cream Malake


Blue Biker Blueberries

Bungalow’s Llums and Elixirs

*Chocogail–truffles and bonbons

Double D’s Delights

Franco’s Organic Coffee and Produce

Gaira Frutos Secos

Huertos Jesmer

Il Formaggio Quesos Maduros

King Smokehouse

La Mía Goat Cheese

La Morena Chocolate Products

Loaves & Fishes


*Mérida–Kombucha, gluten-free items, and organic sprouts

Mónica’s Jewelry & More

Nantu Lab

*Nunkuí–fresh, vacuum-packed tenderloin and sirloin

Oña Goat Cheese


Pastelería El Jazmín

Pat Close Ecuadorian T-shirts

Pei’s Dumplings and Noodles

Polonia Deli

*Sugar Donas–freshly made donuts

Victoria’s Cakes and Cookies

That’s 27 artisans, but there’s always room for more. Vendors, if you’d like to reserve a table, please contact Dawn Wolfe (096 802 2545) to make arrangements.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Gran Feria Sabatino’s on Saturday.

Mauricio Bernal

Chef Owner, Sabatino’s Garden Restaurant

Saturday, October 5, 9:30 AM – 2 PM, Free, Roberto Aguilar y 3 de noviembre (one block west of Plaza Otorongo), Cuenca.

Mauricio Bernal:  096 802 2545. Call after: 9 AM.

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