Galapagos promotion on a luxury boat

Special departures for May 02 – 09 Sun to Sun – Days

DAY 1 – Sunday: San Cristóbal / Interpretation Center
DAY 2 – Monday: Bartolome Island / Sullivan Bay
DAY 3 – Tuesday: Espumilla Beach / Egas Port
DAY 4 – Wednesday: Santa Cruz Island – Highlands / Charles Darwin Station
DAY 5 – Thursday: North Seymour / Mosquera Islet
DAY 6 – Friday: Black Turtle Cove / Dragon Hill
DAY 7 – Saturday: Chinese Hat / Rábida Island
DAY 8 – Sunday: Bachas Beach / Baltra

All the details of the boat and the Itinerary you can see in this link:

Leonidas Plaza N21-149 y Roca

Soledad Moncayo
099 188 8320
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