Fresh yellow sweet corn at Bernan’s

There is still time to order your fresh yellow sweet corn from us here at Bernan’s Home Canned Foods. The harvest is just over a week away but all of it has not been reserved as of yet. With the warmer sunny days that we have had here last week I have to believe that things are similar there and the ears should be a good size.
If there is anything else you may need for your pantry, now would be a good time to order that as well.

Bernan’s will be closed from June 23rd through June 30th. We are taking a 1-week trip to the US and Bernie will return home here while I travel on to visit family and friends for another 3 weeks in the US. It will be business as usual because our plan is to leave here with a full pantry.

If it’s sweet corn or something else from the pantry… just let us know and if you need it delivered, I’ll be happy to schedule your pick up or delivery.

Bernie and Nancy: 096 714 6265.

City: Cuenca
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