For only $1 you can provide bread for one hungry family

For only $1 you can provide bread for one hungry family. We only need to look out our windows to see the needy of Cuenca. The volunteers of the Loaves of Love Project are doing what we can. We have already delivered 1,805 bags of bread, but we’re now running low on funds. That’s why we need your help and why we formed this gofundme page.

Bread is a staple of the Ecuadoran diet. By contracting with a local bakery, we can bake and deliver fresh nutritious bread to a hungry family for only $1 per bread bag. Each bread bag contains 17 small or 8 larger loaves of bread.

We understand it’s not the best time to ask for money. But we also know, all it takes is $1 to make a difference to a family in need. Please look around for any spare change, it will make a difference.
Our goal, with your help, is to provide bread to another 5,000 hungry Cuenca families. We’re fully transparent. Every dollar goes directly to bake and deliver bread to those in need.

Thank you for your support.

Marian: .

City: Cuenca

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