For lovers of good coffee, this is for you

Hello dear friends. For those who love good coffee like I do, I offer imported coffee of excellent quality and a very recognized brand internationally, with the lowest prices in the market, and best of all, we deliver them in the comfort of your home without any additional cost.

“Buen día” coffee, 500 gram large bag $17. “Buen día” Coffee 340 gram bottle $14. Coffee “Juan Valdez” classic 190 gram bottle $11. Flavored “Juan Valdez” Coffee: Hazelnut, chocolate or dulce de leche, 95 gram jar $9. Chocolate Milo cover 1000 grams $17.

For orders or concerns, you can contact me at 099 880 3689. I will be happy to serve you.

Silvia: 099 880 3689. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

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