Films are back at La Guarida

La Guarida will project its first film this Tuesday. For us safety is a priority and for that reason we will be reducing our capacity to 10 people only (only 3 spots left). Please know that this event is reservation only and we will be serving dinner with your reservation. There is not a better film to begin our film cycle than “The boy who harnessed the wind.” The film will be projected at 6:30 PM. We will be opening our doors at 5 PM for dinner and reservations.

Come enjoy this wonderful film. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call us at 099 806 8071.

We are excited to be back and we hope you can join us.

July 14th, from 5 to 9 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres Zambrano:  099 806 8071. Call after: 8 AM.

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