Feel that chill in the air?

So do they…

You can spread warmth by donating to the Cuenca Soup Kitchen’s blanket and clothing drive. We are accepting both cash and physical donations.

Cash donations: Together we can make this a win/win by purchasing from local vendors in order to boost our economy. Please use one of the three easy ways below.

To give in Ecuador (100% of your donation will go towards this crisis)
Hearts of Gold, Cuenta de ahorros JEP
Account number: 406079928700
RUC number: 0190395251002

PayPal: jeffrey@jlsdesigns.net

Online: https://www.cuencasoupkitchen.org/

Physical donations: If you want to donate warm clothing and blankets that you are no longer using, we would be happy to distribute them. For more information, call Smith to set up a drop off time – phone number and address below:

Edificio La Isla Apartment 21B
Pasaje Imbabura y Unidad Nacional
Telephone: 098 961 2032
The name on the directory at the gate is Jeffrey (Smith) Schmidt

A little bit goes a long way in this time of great need and each of your gifts feeds, clothes, and provides for our neighbors and our friends.

Directors Cuenca Soup Kitchen

City: Cuenca

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