Fabianos pizzeria

The greatest pizza for you.

Come to Fabiano’s pizzeria and enjoy our specialty pizzas or you can also make your own pizza with 3 ingredients of your choice. You can dine in or take out we would be thrilled to have you visit us.

Furthermore, we have great combos that you can enjoy with friends and families:

Combo A. An XL pizza with French fries, Mozzarella cheese sticks and a liter of soda at $19.99

Combo B. Family sized pizza, 2 lasañas of choice and a liter of soda at $18.99

Combo C. An XL pizza, Chicken wings, French fries and a liter soda at $21.99

Don’t forget we will be serving until 10 PM with deliveries.

Give us a call at:
Centro: 099 293 8531 / 07 282 4517 (here we speak English)
Zona Rosa: 099 167 9011 / 07 282 8715

Also you can order on our website: https://fabianosecuador.com/

Monday – Thursday from noon to 10 PM; Friday – Saturday from 11 AM to 11 PM; Sunday from 11 AM to 9 PM, Presidente Cordova y Mariano Cueva

Fabianos pizzeria: 099 293 8531

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