Expat Envoy – change of address & July/August Dates

Good morning everyone,

As the title suggests, our address has changed (both in Cuenca & the US). We sent out an “email blast,” and updated our website. However, I’m sure some people are still unaware of the changes, so here we are. For our new address, please visit our website (address at bottom of this post) or email me directly. If interested, please also request we add you to our mailing list for any future updates.

Our dates, process, email, notification system, etc. will remain the same. The only difference is that our US address has changed (still in Florida, but a different city), and pickup/deliveries will be made out of a nearby house in Cuenca. (Detailed information regarding the pickup location will be provided in our standard monthly pickup/delivery email.)

We’ve already received 50+ packages without a hitch, and have begun building relationships with our local delivery people! ​

And to reassure everyone…
This a private house (gated community), security system in place, items are kept inside (AC), and someone is always home at any given moment. Your items are safe and secure.

We plan to keep our “title” of Best Courier Service, that’s for sure.

On another note…
Our dates have changed (for the better).
June – 10th cutoff in the US for June 28th availability
July – 15th cutoff in the US for July 28th availability
August – 15th cutoff in the US for August 28th availability

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to visit our website or email me directly and ask.

Cuenca / USA

Harrison P

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