EcuaGenera Orchid Farm

EcuaGenera Orquideario, a family company specializing in the production and conservation of orchid species, tropical plants and hybrids.

Come discover the amazing diversity of Orchids in Ecuador. Let’s spend an incredible day and indulge ourselves with natures rejuvenating energy. Give yourself a relaxing day with the Pachmama and learn about our Orquideas.

We have scheduled a special visit of EcuaGenera in Gualaceo. It is the largest Orchid farm here in Ecuador. The Portilla family have dedicated their entire life to the conservation of our orchid species in Ecuador. Normally when groups visit this place you only visit one greenhouse. On our full-day orchid Journey we will have the opportunity of being guided by a biologist from the Orchid farm and we will visit 5 greenhouses, plus we will be having lunch there at the Orchid Farm, which will allow us to spend more time to appreciating the over than 3,000 species of orchids.

Includes: transportation, guide (I will be the group’s guide), biologist guide at EcuaGenera, entrance fees to the Orchid Farm, and lunch. (If you decide to join us I will let you know the option we have for the menu at Lunch).

Have a great weekend,

Info email:

Luis Cordero 5-65. Thursday 17th, 2019, from 9 AM to 4:30 PM

Martin Avila:  099 524 6166

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