Donut Hole – fresh made, warm, American yeast donuts and beignets

Real donuts, real flavors. Come and taste the difference.

Every morning 8-10 AM: 1 Classic Vanilla + 1 Cafe Lojano for $1.50

Donut Hole: 5-53 Presidente Borrero and Juan Jaramillo (Up the street from Goza)

The only place in Cuenca for real, fluffy, American style donuts. Made warm, fresh, and in front of you. Using premium ingredients such as our chocolate glaze. Made from 100% Premium Ecuadorian Cocoa. Served fresh, warm, and delicious. Our location has now been remodeled so that you can customize your Donut however you want. You pick the glaze, you pick the topping, you pick the drizzle.



-Premium Ingredients

Classic line: $1 each. Half dozen: $5.50. Dozen: $10.25

– Plain Glaze

– Chocolate Glaze (Now made with premium cocoa)

– Shredded Coconut

– Lime Mint Chocolate Chip

– Cinnamon Sugar

– Simpson Donuts

Gourmet: $1.25 each. Half Dozen: $6.75. Dozen: $12.75

– S’mores: Chocolate Glaze, Vanilla Cookies, Homemade Marshmallow Sauce

– Maramor: Passion Fruit Glaze. Shredded Coconut, Blackberry Sauce

– Cotopaxi: Plain Glaze, Chocolate Cookies, and Nutella Drizzle.

– Lemon Tree: Lime Mint Glaze, Chocolate Cookies, and Nutella Drizzle.

– Donutella: Chocolate Glaze, Chocolate Cookies, and Nutella Drizzle.

– Reese’s: Chocolate Glaze, Chocolate Cookies, and Homemade American Style Peanut Butter.

– Make your own: 48 different combinations.

– Malasadas (Boston Cream, Blackberry Filled, Chocolate Filled).

We have Nitro Coffee. Have you tried Nitro Coffee?

– Lojano Coffee Beans Medium Roasted, Cold Brewed for 14 hours. Nitrogen charged for up to 2 days. A creamy body, fruity aroma, and unique flavor. It comes in original, blackberry, strawberry, mint, coconut, almond, and amaretto. Or combine them for up to 30 different flavors.

Orrrrrrr…. our Georgia Style Lemonades made from real lemons come in a variety of flavors like pineapple, blackberry, strawberry, mint, coconut, which can be combined for a total of 20 different flavors.

Order for pick up or delivery via our facebook page: @donutholeec

All year, 5-53 Presidente Borrero and Juan Jaramillo

Edisson Quito:  095 943 9388

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