Dogs and Cats in Yunguilla need our help

For the rights of domestic and companion animals (Dogs and Cats). Some months ago members of the Santa Isabel Firefighters (Bomberos) had started a rescue foundation with literally little or no funding.

My 18-year-old goddaughter, Sara, is now in the process of going through the training program to become a Santa Isabel firefighter, and she brought this to my attention. She is a true animal lover and caregiver, and has since adopted two stray dogs. I have visited the Firefighters station where the dogs and cats are housed and cared for, and have offered to volunteer in any way that I can, and I know they can use additional help, financial and otherwise.

The most difficult thing I have had trouble accepting since arriving in Ecuador more than 8 years ago, was the many stray dogs and cats wandering the streets, and many even being neglected by the families that were responsible for them. During my first year here, I had volunteered while living in Cuenca because I found four newly born dogs in a sack thrown on the side of the road that were severely deprived of nourishment and care. I don’t remember the name of the foundation back then, but I contributed food, medicine, blankets, etc. and visited them almost every day while they healed, and became healthy puppies that eventually were each adopted by loving families.

During my time in Ecuador, I know citizens of Cuenca have experienced a new awareness of the needs of the street dogs and cats, and at least three foundations I have heard of have had much success in helping these helpless animals. Even new laws have been passed in Cuenca for the safety and well-being of these animals. It is a very good move in the right direction. We need to help the Bomberos here in Yunguilla do something similar.

This coming Sunday February 21st, is an event for public awareness to help the Bomberos in their efforts, and it is supported by the municipal government.

Where: It will start at the lower section of the Municipal Mercado where the inside vendors sell clothing, shoes, etc.
Time: 10 AM

Fabulous prizes will be awarded for:
$100. to the person who has the best costume for their pet.
$50. To the best poster that promotes animal rights (the owner will carry it during the brief parade).
$25. to the winner of the raffle. You must register your name to participate.

As is always the case in public, please practice safe distancing, mask wearing, and carry a small spray bottle of alcohol or antibacterial gel for personal use during this event.

This Sunday, February 21st, at 10 AM, Fidel Rosales y Jose Peralta, Cuenca.

Sam: 098 688 8528. Call after: 7 AM.

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