Does anyone care to adopt 3 adorable cats and their loving mom?

Hello everyone, About a year ago I found a wonderful cute kitten in my rented house yard, shivering and hungry. She might have run away from some real danger. She was so scared. We named her Basbosa, after the Arabian’s most famous dessert) and took care of her. She is smart and very polite. I never locked her in the house as she was free and I wanted her to stay so, but she got so attached to us and loved us as her family.

After a while she got somehow pregnant and now she has three super-cute kids.
She used to go out as I said just to spent some time and only around the house then she returns.

Now we moved to a new house where I can’t take care of her anymore due to the nature of the new neighborhood and the house itself. Things are being a little hard for me to take care of all of the kittens and their mom. I would never let her go to the streets as she is too naïve for that and can get hurt easily.

I need help. If someone can or knows someone who can take one or all of them and provide good shelter for them and a loving family, or maybe guide me to any animal organization who can help with that, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you


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