Do you know the network of your insurance company?

One of the most important parameters to consider when contracting a private health insurance in Ecuador is to consult your broker about the network of clinics you have available for your medical care, whether for consultations, emergencies, surgeries and hospitalizations. It is vital when changing your country of residence to consider the best health options available in your new place of residence, since you could find health centers not authorized by the ministry of public health of Ecuador, the most important networks in the city of Cuenca are the following: Clinica Monte Sinai, Clinica Santa Ines, Clinica Santa Ana, Hospital San Juan de Dios, these are the main clinics in the city same that maintain agreement with our flagship product Bluebox Seguro de Salud, and Confiamed which is one of the companies that are in the ranking of prepaid medicine companies in Ecuador.

in addition to these clinics, you can count on attention in physical therapy centers such as physiogym that provides a specialized service for American clients, and other physical rehabilitation centers that can provide care for minimum co-payment values, if you have a health policy that has an agreement with these centers.

The value of co-payment and deductibles will depend directly on the company with which you are insured and the coverage per event depends on the plan you have chosen, in standard health plans the value of annual deductible ranges between $100 and $150. Once this value is covered according to your medical expenses your reimbursements will be higher. The co-payment values for medical care with doctors who work within the network can be between $6 and $10 depending on the specialty you need.

Similarly, if you have health insurance you can preauthorize your tests so that you only pay a co-payment for your medical tests, not all tests can be preauthorized, as you may need a test that is related to a pre-existing condition or you have very little time on your health insurance.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We are your trusted broker. Let us provide you with the best service in the country. If you have problems with your current policy we can still help you and solve all your problems.

Carlos Ramirez: 098 246 5168. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

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