Desserts that you must try

Hey there,

We are offering our delicious desserts and sweets. We’re going to list below our options but you can also ask for special requests.

1) Lemon Bars: 10×7 inches tray (9 portions): $4.50.
2) Brownies w/ walnuts: 10×7 inches tray (9 portions): $7.
3) Cinnamon Rolls: $1.25 each (minimum order 6)
4) Mini scones; raisins or cranberries: 6 x $3. or 12 x $5.
5) Cinnaroll scones: $0.75 each (minimum order 6)
6) Mini bundt cakes; lemon. orange. chocolate chips. double chocolate or festival: $1 each (minimum order 4) 6 x $5 or 12 x $9.
7) Aple puff pastry (yes we made our own): $9 (6-8 servings).
8)”Uvilla Tropical” jam (golden berry and coconut): 240g x $2.

*Please note that you have to order a day in advance*

You can call or WhatsApp. We are looking forward to baking for you.

Maria Elisa: 099 619 1208. Call after: 9 PM.

City: Cuenca

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