Delicious Saigon food in Cuenca

Vietnamese menu Oct 12th on Saturday at café Ñucallacta at plaza Otorongo. We do also delivery to your home. We’re looking forward to welcoming you…

Special menu 3course: $8/pp

☆ Welcome appetizer.

☆ Vietnamese spring roll with shrimp.

☆ Grill beef satay, or crispy pork bell, served with coleslaw salad & steamed rice. Garnish with coriander.

– Crispy wonton with ground pork $5/8p

– Vietnamese spring rolls with shrimp. $6/3p

– Crispy egg roll with pork & veggies $5/3p

– Crispy pork belly with rice. $6.

– Beef with broccoli in oyster sauce, served with rice. $6

– Banh mi sandwich with crispy pork belly $4

Free pork wonton soup with veggies stock.

Oct 12, La Condamine 13 .88. (Otorongo Plaza)

LanN: Cell phone and WhatsApp; 098 341 3469

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