Delicious Mexican Food

Authentic Mexican food delivered to your door: Gourmet Mexican Enchiladas, Pozole Rojo, Tamales, Stuffed Chile Rellenos, and Mexican Meatballs (Albondigas Mexicanas)

Authentic Mexican enchiladas, pozole rojo, tamales and stuffed peppers in Cuenca. Homemade corn tortillas, all fresh ingredients.

Vicky Reyes, from Mexico, makes delicious Mexican food and delivers it to your door. You can order before 11 AM on Thursday (October 10th), and have them delivered to you on Saturday (October 12th) You can re-heat or freeze.

Enchilada order includes: 3 chicken enchiladas, with Mexican beans and rice, spicy green or red chile sauce. Gluten-free/ $8/order, $2.50 delivery. If you order 3 or more orders, the delivery is free.

Pozole Rojo includes: 1 quart of pozole with pork, hominy, and spicy red broth, 4 tacos fritos, chopped onions and lemons on the side. Gluten free. $10 $2.50 delivery.

Tamales: Pork with spicy red sauce or Chicken with spicy green sauce or a combination of the 2. Gluten-free. 1 dozen for $15; $2.50 delivery. Orders include complimentary salsa picante. Extra available for purchase, on request. If you order more than a dozen, the delivery is free. You can re-heat or freeze.

Mexican Chile Rellenos can be stuffed with ground beef or cheese; accompanied by Mexican rice and beans. The portion is a large Chile stuffed with beans and Mexican rice for $8. No charge for delivery if you order 3 or more.

Albondigas Mexicanas (Mexican Meatballs)

They are ground beef with an egg center topped with Mexican Sauce, accompanied by rice and Mexican beans. A portion contains 2 meatballs $ 8 order.

Pork Meat in Green Sauce with Mexican Rice and Mexican Beans: $8; $2.50 Delivery

You can re-heat or freeze. You can combine orders for free delivery.

If you order 3 or more orders (can be varied), the delivery is free.

Order by 11 AM on Thursday (October 10th) for delivery on Saturday (October 12th)

Saturday October 12th, Delivery

Vicky Reyes: 099 987 1580

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