Delicious Fanesca – Friday and Saturday

Hi friends,

I offer you a Fanesca dish, for this week. A traditional and extremely delicious Ecuadorian pestle which is eaten this week. There are theories of its creation; two of them date back to Quito, where in a monastery a nun prepared it for the first time in search of prison food for the occasion; that it gave the name Juanita. In Colombia, they still call it in this way. Secondly, Uchucuta is another name it has. This comes from pre-Columbian times where it is believed that the indigenous people ate this preparation on the Pawkar Rayme festival, in gratitude for the blessings of the grain harvests on the occasion of the equinox. Later, the Spanish mixed Catholicism with their cultures where the symbolic meaning that it has now was given. Nowadays, a creamy soup characterized by twelve grams as the apostles, and the fish cod represent Jesus, are used to prepare it. I invite you to enjoy and spend a pleasant moment with your loved ones. The information is at the bottom of the message. We have it today and Saturday. You can ask here if you want to get it. I look forward to a blessed week for you.

Mathías Ríos,
Best Wishes.

April 2 and 3, all the day, Calicuchima y Quis quis, citadel Alvares

Mathias Rios: 099 710 7546

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