Cute little mom dog needs a home

Four days ago, I found this cute little dog right outside our gate. She was sitting on the sidewalk in a very weird way so I went closer to see what was wrong. As I went close enough, I realized that she was shaking and injured very badly. She had two deep infected cuts in her breasts and a couple other wounds in her back. Because she is a mom and had cuts in her breasts, her milk was dripping down on the side walk. As terrified as I was, I took her to a vet where she went through a surgery and got stitched up.

Since she had milk, I began searching for her puppies believing that they would be somewhere close but I couldn’t find them. She is not from around here and no one in our neighborhood (La Verbena) has ever seen her. We think that she must have got into trouble in a too far away trip to find food for her puppies. She’s so lovely, so calm, attached to people, and very sad for losing her babies. I currently keep her in my yard because I can’t adopt her but even in this situation, she wouldn’t leave my side. She howls for me all the time and would only calm down when I’m by her side or where she can see me!

She’s had enough trouble on the streets and deserves a happy life. I was wondering if anyone could give her a forever home so she doesn’t have to come back to the street again. Just look at her cute little face and you’ll fall in love with this little doggy instantly. You are most welcome to come and visit her anytime you want. Please give me a call or WhatsApp me if you are interested.

The vet says she’s 3-years old and is medium sized (I don’t really know what that means lol)


Lili: 099 280 5290. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

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