Cuenca Post Office?

I have had a PO Box in Cuenca for many years. It is required by Social Security in the US if I want to have my benefits wired to an Ecuadorian bank. I know I can choose to have my benefits sent to a US bank, which I might have to do, or my benefits will be held and not sent. But there are other reasons I need to maintain a PO Box here in Ecuador, and I am wondering if anyone else has heard any news or updates regarding the post office.

Several months ago, I visited the Post Office on the corner of Gran Columbia and Borrero and was told a different agency of the government will be taking over the Post Office, and would reopen in June or July. It is now June. I was also told our boxes would be held for us, and we will only have to pay for the balance of the year. Currently the doors are locked. Does anyone know of an alternative to receiving mail from the US? Does anyone know of any private PO Boxes available like the many that operate in the US? Any input would be appreciated, and I suspect by many other expats as well.

Sam: 098 688 8528. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca
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